ARM-Cortex A57 MPCore Software Development


This training course covers the issues involved in developing software for platforms powered by ARMv8 processor.

Day 1-3

  • Introduction to ARMv8-A
  • Software Engineer Guide to the Cortex-A57
  • AArch64 A64 ISA Overview
  • AArch64 ISA Workbook
  • AArch64 Exception Model
  • ARMv8 Exception Model Workbook
  • ARMv8-A Memory Management
  • ARMv8-A Memory Model
  • Caches and Branch Prediction
  • MMU and Cache Initialization Workbook
  • Barriers
  • Synchronization
  • Cache Coherency
  • OS Support
  • Booting
  • Power Management for Cortex-A
  • Virtualization
  • GIC Programming
  • Debug (Optional)
ARM-Cortex A57 MPCore Software Development